Step One:

Decide which bags you would like to customize:

Mamba, Mamba S, Rebel, Slip Ns or Grinder.


Step Two:

Upload your logo or image.  Vector files such as eps or ai are ideal.  High resolution jpg, png, or gif's will work too. Your image has to be high quality! We are unable to reproduce anything that is copyrighted.


Step Three:

Make sure you already purchased your custom bags (previous screen) so you can provide us with your order # in the comments form below.


Step Four:

Fill out the form below with additional details and submit the information by clicking the submit button.


Step Five:

We'll email you a mock-up of your design to make sure we got it right.  We’ll produce your bags only after you say it’s all good.


Step Six:

Sit back and wait for your package to arrive!!

It's that easy!

Bag Information

Mamba Bags:

Made of 100% synthetic materials this bag plays well in every condition. The Mamba has a true stick and slick side. Ideal for a player that wants a consistent but controllable slick side and a traditional stick side.

Mamba S Bags:

The faster twin of the Mamba, the Mamba S shares the same material on the slick side but doesn't have a true stick side. You may think the S is for speed but we say its for SILKY SMOOOTH. Throw the smooth side down and have plenty of control with no kicks! Or turn that baby over and burn up the boards.

Rebel Bags:

Pushing the limits on size the rebel is meant to find its way into the hole. A slightly smaller but legal bag the rebel can fit through or go over whatever stands in its way. Humidity is no match for the basket weave synthetic fabric on the slick side coupled with our medium stick side that doesn't kick!

Grinder Bags:

In a time where every bag is leaning towards fast, the grinder gives a slower option. Built with the standard 100% polyester suede stick and a medium speed "slick" this bag is about control. Speed 6/10. This is our slowest bag available.

Slip Ns Bags:

A bag for the man or woman that lives in the fast lane. A quick fast side that will slide rain or shine! Get it close to the hole and it's gonna Slip N! A fast slick side combined with a traditional stick side you can set the block and push like a pro!

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